Amoo Holdings International holds special awards like the United Nations medal for best Supply Chain Service Provider 2016 in South Sudan. We have built quite a reputation providing award winning supply chain solutions to United Nations projects in the most challenging environments in Africa.

Our team of experts has over years of service gained reliable skills to plan, develop, facilitate and manage robust and sustainable supply chain networks that ensure business value for our clients under all circumstances. As a multimodal transportation company, we employ a professional team of fleet personnel who have mastered local routes and road networks to deliver merchandise at the most opportune market time even in areas which are hard to reach.

We hold special arrangements with factories, large scale farms and other SMB’s providing reliable distribution patterns for both domestic and international markets. We handle trade and distribution of merchandise like cement, fuel, lubricants, spare parts and tires among others from both international and regional suppliers.

We also source for farm products like coffee, tea and cocoa among others on large scale for export to international markets; we offer professional advice to clients on matters of packaging, storage and transportation options that minimize on operation cost while maximizing the purpose of doing business, profit.