Amoo Holdings International employs a team of customs experts with years of experience in clearing and customs brokerage for both imports and exports. With our core rooted in logistics and transportation, we have established a strategic network that enables for a complete portfolio of imports/exports services. Our team has developed great skills in several customs processes and is highly knowledgeable of all entry procedures, valuations, duties and taxes imposed on a wide scope of items in several regions globally.

We are a licensed service provider operating at multiple border points across Africa including Malaba, Mutukula, Elegu and Mombasa among others. We act on behalf of our client, ensuring that their items are cleared in time at any border point while meeting key requirements of regulatory authorities as per import/export regulations. We prepare all necessary information and payments to authorities with full assessment prior to submission to ensure proper valuation and offer personalized advice to our client leaving no room for unnecessary costly delays, fines or penalties.

We have strategically placed warehousing facilities to suit a range of client requirements and also offer Delivery at Place (DAP) services to any destination no matter the entry point.