Given our history providing logistical solutions to renowned brands like United Nations, World Food Programme, HUAWEI, ZTE and MTN among others, Amoo Holdings International has proven it's stand in providing customizable and reliable industry grade solutions through the addition of Special projects and Complex logistics handling solutions in its service scope.

We have invested in the right equipment, partnerships, infrastructure and human resource team to handle projects requiring Special handling and hybrid logistical solutions.

We offer solutions in complex logistics operations which include;

  • Armored personal carriers
  • Transportation of high value cargo like ATMs
  • Transportation of oversize loads
  • Air, Water, Road Hybrid movements
  • Convoy movements
  • GPS tracking and monitoring solutions

We also offer solutions for clients with Dangerous Cargo Requirements (DGR), these include transportation of;

  • Explosives
  • Military equipment like demining equipment (Land mine detonators)
  • Battery Acid
  • Air craft engines, etc.

We have built a team that fully understands all stages of the logistics cycle in application to various industries or clients who each approach us with unique needs and out of the norm requirements for logistical solutions. We provide real time advice to clients on the best possible and achievable options as per the nature of their logistical requirement.