Amoo Holdings operates internationally as a licensed Logistics service provider offering a complete portfolio of Imports/Exports services and other complex logistics solutions. Our services include but are not limited to freight in all major transportation mediums, cross border customs clearing and forwarding, warehousing, supply chain solutions and security among others.

Through our years of experience in this industry, we have established strategic relationships with global carriers and shipping lines like Evergreen, CMACGM and MAERSK enabling us to offer a service that cuts across continents and as a result have over a span of years developed fail safe supply chain networks that help keep our clients in sync with this increasingly uncertain competitive business environment.

We have offices in Africa located at several strategic border crossings like Mombasa, Malaba, Mutukula, Elegu and others across the globe offering a strategically coordinated and effective customs clearance process ensuring a hustle free experience for our esteemed customers.

We offer a multi-modal form of freight solution including sea, air and ground freight services engaging both domestic and cross border movements complemented with delivery at premises (DAP) services as per customer specifics. Our fleet is strategically equipped to handle a wide variety of cargo options.


We have a large client base but specialize in the following sectors;

  • Humanitarian, Relief and Development
  • Telecommunications
  • Oil Industry (Both downstream and upstream)
  • Mining
  • Project Logistics
  • Commodities and Manufacturing
  • Civil Works and Construction
  • Automotive and Heavy Machinery
  • Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals